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  • 100+ Credit & Financial Related e-Books
  • 3500 Credit Repair Social Media Posts
  • 100+ Effective Dispute Letter Templates
  • ​Guide to Suing Creditors
  • Credit Repair Methodologies Cheat Sheet
  • 54 Agencies to File Complaints
  • Credit Repair Compliance Checklist
  • ​Think-Tank VIP Membership
  • Credit Entrepreneurs Support Community
  • Private Membership Area
  • PLUS... 3 Huge Bonuses!!!

Limited Time Offer!

Packed with content, tools and resources to help you run and scale your credit repair business!


A massive collection of content, tools and resources for credit repair business owners.

  • You need content - but ​you don't have time or patience to write it!
  • You know credit repair, but you you could use some shortcuts.
  • ​You want to learn more, but mentors are way too expensive.
  • ​You need better dispute letters, but can't seem to find the good ones.
  • ​You don't time or money to spend on ghostwriters to create and publish your own ebooks.
  • ​You're overwhelmed by all the compliance requirements, & don't know where to start.
  • You would love to have a support community that can help you, but haven't found one yet.

If you're in this situation, the Ultimate Credit Repair Business Bundle is the Solution.

This bundle will save you time and money

and give you tons of helpful tools, content and resources.

Shortcut to Success

When you get this Bundle, you will have all the amazing cheat sheets you need to run your credit repair business!

​Confidence Booster

Quickly find the answers to complex credit repair questions with the super helpful set of cheat sheets!

​Save Time & Energy

Instead of designing thousands of social media posts and writing dozens of ebooks from scratch, just slap your logo on ours and boom!

​Scale Your Business

If your goal is to scale your credit repair business, you need the tools to do it. This Bundle gives you countless tools and resources.

So don’t hesitate, don’t wait

give your credit repair business & career a BOOST with this Bundle today!

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

Inside The Ultimate Credit Repair Business Bundle, you will find tons of quality content helpful tools and resources repair entrepreneurs need to grow their credit repair business. Here's a quick rundown!

3500 Social Media Posts

Value $497

Like it or not, the world is on social media and if you're not using it to promote your business, you are missing out.

This massive set of over 3500 social media posts includes thousands of infographics, quotes, videos and more!

Drag, drop and post for instant engagement on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

Over 100 Lead Magnets

Value $997

A huge collection of 100 credit and financial related ebooks that you can use however you like.

The massive set of lead magnets comes with master resell rights so you can swap out images, edit the text and make yourself or your company the author.

You can use the lead magnets in your marketing or resell them however you like.

Over 100 Credit Repair

Dispute Letter Templates

Value $297

If you're looking to add more ammunition to your credit repair arsenal, you've come to the right place!

When you're repairing credit, different situations require different approaches.

This huge collection of well over 100 credit repair dispute letter templates gives you options for virtually any scenario.

When you purchase this bundle, you get instant access to tons of effective dispute letters which are editable in Microsoft Word.

This collection has been meticulously drafted and revised by industry experts and includes many of the most hard-to-find, unique and custom templates.

It's highly recommended if you want to get the absolute best results for your clients.


Cheat Sheet

Value $297

There is so much information floating around the internet and newbies selling courses, fake mentors and just people trying to make a quick buck teaching credit repair, it's difficult to know what is accurate and what is not.

It's very easy to go a stray from the proven, time tested credit repair tactics that work.

This cheat sheet breaks down the methods and tactics you should be using, as well as those you should stay away from.

The gorgeous PDF document can be framed on your office wall and can serve as a reminder to you and your staff as to what really works.

Not only does it serve as a great reminder, but it also looks great on your office wall.

Credit Reporting

Time Limits Cheat Sheet

Value $97

How many times has a client asked you when an item is scheduled to fall off?

Being able to quickly provide an answer not only makes you look awesome, it instills a sense of trust that you are knowledgable and your ability to get the job.

This 8.5 x 11in PDF is perfectly framable and can be a valuable resource for you and your team.

With just a quick glance, you can be certain as to the length of time any specific information is legally allowed to remain on your clients credit reports.

* Charge Offs

* Tax Liens

* Judgments

* Delinquencies

* Medical Bills

* Loans

* Student Loans

* Bankruptcies

* Inquiries

* Collections

+ More!

Order now to get your instant download today!

Credit Reporting Companies Cheat Sheet

Value $97

Keeping track of your your clients' credit reports doesn’t mean just keeping up with the three major consumer credit bureaus.

There are three major consumer credit bureaus:

* Equifax

* Experian

* TransUnion

But there are also many other consumer-reporting companies out there that could play a role in credit approvals or in other situations.

If you need help contacting any supplementary, medical, retail, utility or insurance reporting company, this cheat sheet has you covered!

Guide to Suing Creditors &

Credit Bureaus

Value $97/mo

It's common for creditors, credit bureaus and collection agencies to take advantage of consumers.

If you or your client’s rights have been violated, one of the ways for you to fight back is to take legal action against them.

This chart explains who you can sue, under what circumstances, the laws and fines associated with the violations. 

54 Places to File Complaints (Creditors

Credit Bureaus)

Value $329

When creditors or credit bureaus ignore your disputes, they are ignoring Federal laws.

Often, filing a complaint is the most effective way to grab their attention and get the result you need.

This cheat sheet gives you all the places you can file complaints with and can be a great resource to print, frame or just refer to as needed.

In the digital download, all the links are clickable.

You may also choose to print, frame and hang this 8in x 11in PDF on your office wall for quick reference.  

The benefits are endless.

4000+ Items in total!

Tim D.

Credit Repair Business Owner

I freakin love this bundle!

Sharice T.

Credit Repair Business Owner

You cannot beat the deal I got. So many tools and resources for my biz.

You Also Get SPECIAL FREE Bonuses...

Bonus #1: High Converting Lead Magnet 1

Download this awesome credit repair ebook, make a few edits so it is your own and use it as a lead magnet to attract new clients. 

The ebook includes source file and Microsoft word versions so you can easily make it your own. You receive full, Master Resell Rights - so feel free to publish it on Amazon, sell on your website or use as a high converting lead magnet!

Bonus #2: High Converting Lead Magnet 2

This is the #1 highest converting lead magnet and we are giving it away in this bundle.

The package includes over 100 e-books, but this one converts the highest.

Simply take the source file, change the author name, website and logo - and you are now a published author!

Bonus #3: Credit Repair Compliance Checklist

Making sure you are compliant in the credit repair industry is more important than ever. When you login to the members only area to download this document, you will be given access to a important, pre-recorded webinar that will help you understand what you should be doing to ensure your following the rules.

While you're there, grab your copy of this amazing checklist that will help you identify 35 important compliance points.

Our Customers LOVE this Bundle!

We created better content, better tools and we're practically giving it away!

You have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Jeremiah Lindell

Credit Repair Business Owner

The bundle has been super helpful to me. As a new credit repair company, I need all the resources I can get and this has so many.

Rebecca Wattle

Credit Repair Business Owner

Im absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of ebooks in this bundle. I have already customized several and have been selling them on my website like hotcakes.

Pedro Quintana

Credit Repair Business Owner

I love, love, love the cheatsheets. I framed them on my office wall and use them for reference just about every day.

Shariff Ensol

Credit Repair Business Owner

The best seven dollars I've ever spent!

Here’s a summary of what you will get inside

The Ultimate Bundle

  • 100+ Dispute Letter Templates - Massive collection of effective credit repair dispute letter templates.
  • 3500+ Social Media Posts and Infographics - Ready to post on Facebook, Insta or wherever you want.
  • Set of 100+ Credit & Financial Related Clickbait e-Books - You get full resell rights to this huge collection.
  • Lead Magnet Giveaway - 8 Credit Hacks Before You Buy a Home, perfect for clickbait advertising.
  • Credit Repair Methodologies Cheat Sheet - All the methods used to repair credit on one simple sheet.
  • Debt Statute of Limitations Cheat Sheet - Know exactly how a long debt is collectible with a quick glance.
  • Credit Reporting Time Limits Cheat Sheet - Know exactly how long items can be reported with a quick glance.
  • Consumer Reporting Companies Cheat Sheet - A helpful list of all reporting companies & contact information.
  • Guide to Suing Creditors & Credit Bureaus Cheat Sheet - Gives you the power to go after creditors & bureaus.
  • 54 Places to File Complaints Against Creditors & Credit Bureaus - Powerful list of agencies to file complaints.
  • Think-Tank VIP Membership - Lifetime membership to the best credit repair entrepreneur club on the planet!
  • Credit Entrepreneurs Support Community - Private community exclusively for Think-Tank members.
  • Private Membership Area - All your content, tools, resources with new items added all the time.
  • ​Bonus #1: High Converting Lead Magnet 1 - Advanced Hidden Credit Repair Secrets
  • ​Bonus #2: High Converting Lead Magnet 2 - 101 Powerful Ways to Legally Repair Your Credit Lead Magnet
  • ​Bonus #3: Credit Repair Compliance Checklist - Knowing the rules may prevent catastrophic fines.

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